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  • Avatar of attackonabyss

    haha so I noticed the low rating this got and I wanted to say that, this Blue Exorcist actually follows the manga. the other first Blue Exorcist, about maybe a half or less of the episodes were based on the manga, but the last ARC that ended the anime isn’t even part of the manga. and the flashback you saw is actually the true flashback after the fight between Mesphito’s bro and Rin. Rin never truly got crystalized nor did they have to repair the sword. the trail part is true though. so yeah, they kinda did a bad job when they created the anime because its a bit different from the manga. so I hope this explains some things if you got confused especially about their attitudes toward Rin after finding out he was the son of Satan.

  • Avatar of drangonking

    Wicked So glad they finally brought Ao No Exorcist back

  • Avatar of dragonmaster

    So this seems more of a reboot starting the series after they discovered Rin and Yukio’s parentage. Because it sure as hell does follow with the finale of the last season,

  • Avatar of elizenaarellano

    Yes!!! I’m so glad that Ao no Exorcist is finally back. I love the manga and I’m hoping that this anime actually follows the manga completely. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Avatar of animangalvr

    Waaah! I’m so excited about this! Loved the first anime–made me want to read the manga–LOTS of twists and turns to come! Chapter 16 is where this picks up, btw.

  • Avatar of stalker

    Not the best story part to start the new season. The atmosphere is super heavy(with everybody hating Rin) and most of the charakters come across as douchbags (Yukio, Bon and his gang and even Shiemi). Didn’t rewatch the first season beforehand and needed quite some hard thinking-back to remember why i liked most of the charakters (never liked Yukio and don’t think i ever will XD). ……….Still I’m super happy that Ao no Exorcist is back.

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