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  • Avatar of tsakura66689

    link does not work

    • Avatar of rayhiwatari

      I uploaded another mirror that works. Somehow it’s placed before the broken mirror, so it starts directly by default when you get to this episode.

      • Avatar of Watch Anime

        Ray you rock!

        • Avatar of rayhiwatari

          I don’t know about that (and I don’t know if you are serious about it either) but I am just trying to help others in a friendly manner (if I can) when I notice a comment like that.

        • Avatar of Watch Anime

          Ray is basically means your awesome for helping out. Lots of people just bitch and complain but rarely actually do anything.

          • Avatar of rayhiwatari

            Well, then I will say: Thank you very much. ^_^ I rather try to solve the problem than complain about it to others if I can. I like it here and therefore I am trying to give back to this community since I got my mp4stream account (thx to Ultra) and can do something myself now without being a mod or staff.

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