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Premium access gives you an overall improved user experience. This includes no advertising (banners, popups, etc) and no unnecessary scripts (tracking, addthis, whois, etc). While a premium user, your earned Karma per action will be boosted, allowing you to earn faster than regular users. Plus every premium member will have access to personalized themes, mobile website, direct downloads, direct offers, and of course bragging rights.


Besides the obvious, you earn Karma by performing actions on Earning Karma is achieved through helpful contributions like: adding a genre, adding a mirror, fixing a mirror, adding a thumbnails, rating an episode or series, commenting, submitting reviews and inviting friends.


Coins represent our on-site currency and allow users to buy premium access, swag, and special offers.

Coins can be purchased with karma or real currency through our payment gateway.


This could really mean anything from gift cards, amazon cards, itunes cards, anime products, promotional gear, t-shirts, collectibles, access codes to games, game time cards, and anything else we consider cool. Example: converting coins to an amazon gift card.


Lets face it, everyone likes to brag about something.


A friend in need is a friend indeed!

We are aware that not everyone will be able to buy coins. However, we suspect that at least one friend will help you out. Maybe they will gift you coins, maybe you can buy coins through them. You could easily pool your money together, have one person buy coins and then distribute them to each user. As a result, anyone who gifts will receive a badge and also a Karma bonus for helping out a friend in need.

Terms of Use

We may change or modify the terms at any time!


We are aware that people will try to game the system. Be warned that cheaters will treated harshly, banned and will forfeit all referrals, karma, and coins.