All purchases on are made using coins. This concept is very common in online gaming!

10,000 coins = 1 Year of Premium Access

In addition, you can buy coins in bulk and extend your premium access, gift coins to others, and purchase swag an other special offers.

All transactions are completed throught in the form of coupon codes. Complete the purchase, copy and paste the digital code, and your coins will be available in your account.

Currently the most common package is 25,000 coins which allows for the following:

  • 1 Year of Premium (10,000 coins), Gift a friend (10,000 coins) for premium, and still have (5,000 coins) left for swag and special offers
  • 2 Years of Premium (20,000 coins), plus (5,000 coins) left for swag and special offers

Select One of the Following Coin Packs

Buy 10,000 Coins Buy 25,000 Coins Buy 50,000 Coins